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Ko Yao (sometimes written Koyao) is a group of islands between the island of Phuket and Krabi on the mainland. There are two main islands i.e. Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai. The smaller Ko Yao Noi remains a beautiful island and often described as one of the last islands in the region not overly developed. The larger Ko Yao Yai is also a natural beauty but the least developed of the two, due to a lack of basic infrastructure in some areas of the island.
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Getting In
There are boats departing daily from Phuket (Bang Rong Pier and Chianwanich Pier), Krabi (Thalen Pier) , Ao Nang (Nopparatthara Pier) and Phang Nga (Tha Dan Pier) to Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai. There is only one ferry service a day departing from Krabi to the Ko Yao islands. Departures from Krabi is at the 
Krabi Thalen Pier, located about 27 km west of Krabi Town. To get to Thalen Pier, you can either take a bus from Krabi Talat Kao bus station or a songthaew (small open minibus) in Krabi Town. Taxis from Krabi Town to Thalen Pier will cost you 500-800 bahts.

Country road in Ko Yao Noi by Nicolas Esposito

Ko Yai Noi
Upon arrival in Ko Yai Noi at Manok Pier, there is no accommodation within walking distance. There will generally be between 10-20 tuk-tuks waiting to take you to accommodation. Ko Yao Noi has approximately 18 km of concrete and dirt road around it and the best way to get around is to hire a scooter. Bicycles are also an excellent mode of transport and the main circle road around the island only has one large hill that must be navigated.

Ko Yao Noi is mountainous in the centre and has beaches to either side. The east side has beaches suitable for swimming and snorkeling and the west is a picturesque blend of rice flats and mangrove trees. The island is a sanctuary for at least 4 species of hornbills, very commonly seen around. There are some restaurant and food stalls on Ko Yao Noi and some more opened just recently, including really good seafood restaurants near the beach.

Paradise Beach in Ko Yao Noi by LM

Ko Yai Yai
Like Ko Yao Noi, the must efficient way to get from Ko Yao Yai's Chonglad Pier to you accommodation is to use the tuk-tuks. As Ko Yao Yai is larger than Ko Yao Noi there is no exact charge but anything over 150 baht is usually too much. Once at your accommodation most larger resorts will have motorcycles or bicycles for rent. You can also walk along the roads and either flag down a tuk-tk or try to get a lift from the locals.
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