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Rawai is a seafront village located on the southern tip of Phuket. The northern part of Rawai is known as Hat Mittraphap and has some beachfront, while the southern portion is the urban area and port called Laem Ka. Along with Chalong, Rawai is one of Phuket's two main ports and has connections to many of the islands off Phuket. Rawai is much less touristy than nearby Kata and Patong and an excellent place to experience some real Thai culture.
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Rawai Beach itself is only used to moor fishing boats, long tail boats and speed boats, used for snorkelling and sightseeing trips to Phuket's neighboring islands. Ko Kaeo is an offshore isle situated about 3 km out from Rawai Beach and can be reached in 30 minutes by boat. The island offers picturesque beaches and underwater scenery. Another island is Ko Bon about 10 minutes away and has a good beach, restaurant, and a unit of the Evason Hotel. In mid-2007 a new pier opened. It is not used for boats, but makes a nice walking and fishing pier. 

Pier at Rawai Beach by ADwarf

The Phuket Sea Shell Museum focuses on shells found in Thai waters, which are among the most sought-after by collectors. However shells from many part of the world are also featured at the museum. There are numerous rarities and other interesting collections including the world's largest golden pearl (140 karats), large sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils and a shell that weighs 250 kilograms. The museum opens daily from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm. Admission to the Phuket Sea Shell Museum is 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children.

Rawai Beach by ADwarf

Just south of the Phuket Island Resort Hotel and north of Rawai Beach is a small rocky bay, popular with Thais on weekends. There is a Sea Gypsy Village just north of the pier with shops and long-tail boats for rent, and lots of seafood restaurants located along the waterfront. Though not as upmarket and rather laid back, Rawai features a range of eating options (beyond the hotels and resorts) offering good value. There are several restaurants located along the waterfront a scenic view of the sea while you dine. 
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