Phuket, Thailand

Safety & Health


Tourist police can be contacted locally dialing 1155. They have a good basic understanding of English, so if in trouble these people should be contacted. Thai police speak hardly any English and may take the side of the locals even if it is their fault. 

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Crime as of late has increased in Phuket among farangs (foreigners) and you should keep this in mind and be vigilant of anyone who wants to befriend you or trick you into gambling (which is illegal) and anything else you consider out of the ordinary. Katoeys (ladyboys) are notorious for pick pocketing as you walk around the tourist areas at night. Avoid walking down unlit sois (side streets) and stick to the main roads. If something looks or sounds too good to be true, then be careful.

Use only metered taxis and note down the taxi license number or at least driver license plate - unfortunately the alphabets are in Thai script. You can use the receipt from the taxi to complain to the police. 

Street scene in Patong by Nitram75

Tap water is generally not safe for drinking. Water from sealed bottles nearly always are and should be used wherever possible. Bottle water is easily available from the local stores and convenience stores across the island. Take care when in the restaurants and other eateries. Some may use untreated tap water to make ice for drinks. Tap water in most hotels should not be used for drinking unless explicitly labelled as safe.

Street food in Phuket by Nitram75

Medical Treatment
For minor treatments or ailments, you can find clinics and pharmacies in Phuket, especially in Phuket Town and Patong. For more serious cases, Phuket has a number of major hospitals.
  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket - Tel: 076 354062
  • Mission Hospital - Tel: 076 23722026
  • Patong-Kathu Hospital - Tel: 076 342633
  • Phuket International Hospital - Tel: 076 249400
  • Thalang Hospital - Tel: 076 311111
  • Vachira Phuket Hospital - Tel: 076 361234
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