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Phuket has some good dive sites and is the centrepoint for diving in Thailand. The better dive sites are off the nearby islands. There are dozens of dive shops and variety of boats to cater to your needs, mostly located near Chalong Bay. The reefs around the area are in healthy condition with both solid hard corals and colorfully soft corals. There is also an abundance of marine life. Most of the dive locations are suitable for all levels of divers but there are also some that are quite deep and for the more experienced.

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The most well-known dive site in the Phuket area is Racha Yai with its sloping rocky reefs and plenitude of solid coral forests. It is home to Ter Bay where there is an exciting wreck in the depths of 25-35 meters. The island south of Racha Yai, Racha Noi, is a haven for experienced divers as the depths are greater and the currents stronger. The overall topography is strikingly different from Racha Yai with huge granite boulders. The diving in Racha Noi compared to Racha Yai is definitely more challenging but the rewards are far greater.

Island of Racha Yai by jeffgunn

Just off Phuket, is the limestone island of Ko Doc Mai that soars vertically from the sea-bed. It is home to a diversity of fish and offers the opportunity to view leopard sharks, moray eels, octopus and turtles. Phuket can also function as a base for dives further afield, such as Ko Phi Phi. Diving in Phuket's warm clear blue waters is best from mid-October to May, when the calm seas and rain free days make diving in Phuket a truly unique experience.

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Snuba (not scuba) diving is the safest and easiest way to try diving on holiday in Phuket. Popular in Hawaii, the Caribbean,  Mexico, and Japan, Snuba gives an introduction into the world of diving. No certification required (must be at least 8 years old and have basic swimming ability) and just like scuba diving but easier - no heavy equipment, no long classes, maximum depth of 7 meters and accompanied by professional dive guides. SNUBA trips go to most dive sites around the coast of Phuket. 
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