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The clear tropical waters of the Andaman Sea is home to an abundance of marine life, offering plenty of opportunities for snorkelling. You can find plenty of tour agencies in Phuket offering all-inclusive snorkelling day trips all over Phuket including the nearby smaller islands. Prices for group tours range from 1,400 to 3,900 baht a person. Quality and safety seem to match the prices paid.

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The cheaper speedboat tours typically take 30-35 passengers on a 2-engine speedboat and 50-60 passengers on a 3-engine speedboat. Very cheap tours may even take over 100 people in a speedboat. The higher-end tours usually take 15 to 18 passengers on a 2-engine speedboat. The more people on the boat the longer it takes to get on and off at each stop, decreasing the time one gets to spend off the boat.

Snorkel boat tour by puuikibeach

Insist on knowing the exact number of guests that will be on the boat. Keep in mind that tour desks will tell you anything to get your money. It is always best to contact the company running the tour directly to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Make sure you use the services of a reliable tour operator with good safety standards. Also, the very cheap tours usually take visitors to the bays that are often crowded with other snorkellers.

Marine life by puuikibeach

Private companies providing small group tours are few in Phuket. Full day tour prices range from 3,200 to 3,900 baht and often with no discounts and can only be booked direct. These tours include stops at all the major snorkelling sites, offer high quality lunches (from picnic to seaside sit-down restaurant meals), snacks & drinks, a full set of snorkelling equipment and minibus transport. The tour operators are often foreign owned or use a foreign guide and pay attention to safety. Prices vary based on services, amenities and extras that are provided as part of the trip.
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