Thailand is a fascinating travel destination featuring majestic temples, royal palaces, palm-fringed islands, national parks and hill tribe villages. Then there are the lively markets, tempting cuisine and local culture to experience. Thailand is also known for its sunny beaches and offers some of the best spots for scuba divers and snorkellers. With an enticing mix of attractions, it is no wonder that Thailand is among the most popular travel destinations in Asia.

Thailand travel guide
Guide and information to Thailand's popular travel destinations including getting in and around, attractions, things to do and eating out.

Country Guide
Thailand is an enchanting country offering a diversity of attractions with much to see and do.
>> Thailand country guide

Bangkok is the bustling capital and largest city in Thailand, home to nearly nine million people.
>> Bangkok guide

Chiang Mai
Located in Thailand's northern region, Chiang Mai is the largest city and hub of the region.
>> Chiang Mai guide

A popular and touristy resort city along the coast, located about 150 km southeast of Bangkok.
>> Pattaya guide

Thailand's largest island, popular for its resorts, sunny beaches and crystal blue waters.
>> Phuket guide

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Thailand travel articles
Travel articles on Thailand including destinations, tourism, guide and activities by various authors.

Reasons to Visit Thailand
by Khal Rasdam

Travel Guide to Chiang Mai
by Preety Gupta

Brief Travel Guide to Bangkok
by Mattew Talbot

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Photos of Thailand

Photos of scenes and destinations in Thailand by various photographers.

Ao Nang photos
Bangkok photos
Chiang Mai photos
Pattaya photos
Phuket photos

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Thailand in Brief

513,120 sq km
198,115 sq miles

Consists of the mountainous northern region, flat lands of the central region and the narrow Kra Isthmus of southern Thailand.

Population (2011)
66.7 million


Constitutional monarchy with the King as the Head of State and government led by the Prime Minister.

Bicameral National Assembly comprising of the House of Representatives (elected members) and Senate (elected and appointed members).

Ethnic Groups
Thais: 75%
Chinese: 14%
Others: 11%

Thai (official), English (secondary language of the elite) and tribal languages.

Buddhist: 95%
Islam: 4%
Christians: <1%

GDP (2011 in PPP)
Total: $610 billion
Per capita: $9,500
Growth: 0.1% (real)

Major Industries
Agriculture (rice, rubber, tobacco, cassava, soybean, sugar cane, corn), food processing, tin mining, tourism, jewelry, electrical, electronics, plastics, cars and car parts.

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