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Lodging is not an issue in Vietnam with accommodation ranging from USD6 a night in the backpacking hostels to world-class hotels. Hotels are required to register details of foreign guests with the local police. They will ask for your passport when checking in, take your details (takes a few minutes) before returning your passport. Because non-payment by guests is not unknown, some hotels will retain your passports until checking out. An alternative is to pay in advance instead of allowing them to keep your passport.
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Budget Stays
Backpacking hostels and budget hotels in Vietnam are often far cleaner and nicer than in neighbouring Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. Cheap hotels that charge USD8-10 for a double room are often very clean and equipped with towels, clean white sheets, soap, disposable toothbrushes and so on. Hanoi has some hostels for families called Hanoi Family Hostels. Rooms here are large and with more beds for children. Homestays are easily booked through travel agents. However, some "homestays" are really commercial hotels or the accommodation is situated in a separate building from the family home.

Homestay on Hoa Phuoc Island by McKay Savage

In hotels costing a few dollars more you can expect an en suite bathroom, telephone, air conditioning and television. As with hotels around the world, mini-refrigerators in Vietnamese hotels are often stocked with drinks and snacks, but can be horribly overpriced and you would be much better off buying such items from the streets. Adequate plumbing can be a problem in some hotels but the standard is constantly improving.
Most hotels throughout Vietnam now have high-speed internet access and the use of computers is generally free, though some levy a small charge.

The more high-end hotels offer a multitude of amenities such as elaborate buffets with local cuisine, spa treatments, local sightseeing packages, etc. Green hotels or claimed are increasing in Vietnam. There is no standard or accreditation scheme but this is a positive sign that Vietnamese people are paying more attention to the impact of tourism on the  environment. Eco-friendly hotels can be found in the northern mountainous areas as well as some Lodges in the Mekong Delta, a Vietnam that many dream about with lush rice paddies, endless waterways and laid back villages.

Cam Do Hotel in Dalat by Diane Selwyn

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