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Simply walking to the nearest intersection and merely watching the driving antics is amazing. Keep watching and you may see TV's and Fridges and other unlikely objects impossibly balanced and secured with string on the back of a motorcycle. Also watch how the locals cross the road and observe the traffic etiquette. If you want to cross the road, avoid crossing when trucks or lorries are close by, as they are less agile than motorbikes.

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As you travel about, you will find there are clusters of shops all selling similar goods like 20 sewing machine shops together, then 30 hardware shops all together, 200 motorcycle repair shops in the same block - makes prices very competitive! Be wary of watch shops selling fakes unless that is what you want. However, fake watches sold in Vietnam are not as cheap as in Thailand or China. Pirated software is oddly very hard to find and not sold openly. However Movie DVD's of indifferent quality are widely available from USD1, although not all may have English on them.

Street shop in Ho Chi Minh City by HappyMidnight

Motorbiking is popular with locals and tourists alike. Given that motorbikes are the main mode of transport in Vietnam, they can give an authentic view of travelling through the country. You may want to consider a motorbike adventure tour, which involves being guided on multi-day drives to remote regions of Vietnam. Most tours include accommodation, petrol, helmets, drivers and entry tickets to local places of interest. Guides usually speak good English or French and offer customised tours if desired. Motorbike sightseeing tours are similar but specific to one city or areasing focus on food, shopping or sightseeing.

Many travelers like to spend some time working with the local community as a volunteer. Most of these programs require the volunteer to pay fees to cover their meals and accommodation. The money made from the volunteers are a source of funds for the local organisations to support their social programs. These fees can vary from a hundred dollars a week to several thousand, so it is a good idea to research thoroughly.
These programs offers you a true opportunity to interact with the local Vietnamese and understand their traditions and culture.

Country road in Vietnam by Dragfyre

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