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Vietnam is a relatively safe place for tourists. However, the touristy areas in Vietnam require precaution such as thieves, pickpockets and scammers targeting foreigners. Pickpockets and motorbike snatching have found their home especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Nha Trang. Pickpockets are well organised and operate in groups. Thieves on motorbikes are ready to snatch bags, mobile phones, cameras, and jewelry off pedestrians and other motorbike drivers.
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Avoid dangling your bags, talking on your mobile phone next to cars and putting your bag on the front basket of a motorbike while on the road since it will tempt robbers. It could happen day or night, in a crowded road with hundreds of drivers. Locals suggest that they won't kill you but they will take your bag. This is true as long as you don't hold your belongings too tight. If you travel by motorbike, be aware that crooks can cause serious security issues. There have been reports of people claiming that "your motorcycle is on fire" and offering to repair it or passers-by that throw nails at foreigners on motorcycles.

Chau Van Diep Market in Ho Chi Minh City by Kham Tran

Scams are very common in Vietnam, more so than other places. Be careful when going to a shop or restaurant that doesn't have prices written down. Before eating a meal, ask for the price, as it may increase with every bite you take. When you embark on a tourist tour, be independent and know where you are at all times and be aware of alternatives - the tour might suddenly fall apart. A very common scam is when the organiser claims that the bus has broken down and the tour operator force the passengers to pay huge amounts for crummy hotels "while the bus is repaired".

Highland city of Dalat by Diane Selwyn

Also infamously common are thefts on popular beaches. Therefore, never leave your bag unattended on the beaches. In the hotel rooms, including five star establishments, reports that belongings are stolen are occasionally heard. Also, hotel employees are known to try to pick padlocks as soon as they see one. Keep your valuables in the safe deposit box in your room if there is one. The best approach is not to bring any unnecessary valuables during any trip.

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