Hanoi, Vietnam


The Hanoi telephone area code is "4". Thus, the dialing number is 1234567 from within the city, 04 1234567 between provinces and +84 4 123456 from overseas. Further note the added number "3" in front of all old local numbers. Thus, if the old number was 1234567 then the new number is 3 1234567 from within the city, 04 3 1234567 between provinces and +84 4 3 123456 from overseas. 
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3G internet is very cheap and readily available throughout Hanoi. Buying a SIM card in the city costs between 45,000 and 55,000 dong. Unlimited internet access for a month costs 40,000 Dong on Viettel (March 2012). Though you should expect vendors at Noi Boi International Airport to charge higher for SIM cards and internet access, beware of some trying to overcharge and sometimes 10 times more than the normal cost.

There are plenty of internet cafes (cybercafes) all over Hanoi and most used by Vietnamese teens playing online games. Rates vary, but can be as low as 3,000 dong per hour. These cafes provide desktop computers for their patrons. Some of the better cybercafes, particularly in the Old Quarter (many of the budget travellers stay here), have computers with ADSL connection and are Skype-capable for making international phone calls. 

Hanoi's Old Quarter by yeowatzup

There are also cafes that offer free wireless access. All you have to do is order something from their menus and use their WiFi for as long as you want. These WiFi cafes are usually concentrated around the Hoan Kiem lake area, a popular destination with foreign travellers . Beyond the cafes, Hanoi's Tourist Information Center located at the north end of Hoan Kiem Lake offers free internet access to its visitors. 

Hoan Kiem Lake by Thuanthuy0206 

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