Hanoi, Vietnam


Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and delicious. There are various dishes including chicken, beef, fish and seafood, and most popular are "Pho Ga" (chicken noodle soup) and "Pho Bo" (beef noodle soup). There are literally hundreds if not thousands of restaurants in Hanoi catering to everyone's taste. Furthermore, the city's street food have become a cuisine culture of Hanoi with hundreds of street stalls, plastic tables and chairs placed on the pavements.
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Local eateries in Hanoi by avlxyz

Grabbing a bite at the street stalls in Hanoi is a great way to experience the local food and culture. Besides the foods serve are cheap and a bowl of noodle soup goes for as little as 30,000 dong (USD1.50). It is worth mentioning that food quality, freshness, and hygiene can vary greatly between stalls. Food stalls in the market offer an assortment of delicious snacks including fruit portions, sausages, donuts and other eats for 10,000 to 20,000 dong. 

Be sure to get back your change as a few vendors seem to "forget" to return it to you. Also learn a little Vietnamese because vendors often speak little or no English. The rule of thumb is if the price is expensive, hygiene quality may or may not be okay but definitely not if it seems too cheap. There seemed to be no health department inspectors working regularly in the city to ensure foods served are safe to eat. So use your better judgement.

Street food by Schellack

A local delicacy in Hanoi is dog meat or "thịt cho" and especially popular in winter. Another exotic dish is "ca cuong", an extract from the belostomatid or giant water bug. Just a few drops are added to noodles for the unique aroma. Check out the boiled duck fetus eggs (same as "balut" in the Philippines) sold by peddlers almost everywhere and priced at 5,000 dong. The vendor cracks the egg, peeling the shell and dropping the content into a plastic bowl. It is then garnished with juliened ginger, basil leaf and sprinkled with chili sauce. You can actually see the severed head and beak of the chick to be eaten - bon appetit!

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