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Some meter taxi owners in Hanoi will attempt to negotiate a flat fee in advance rather than use the meter. If you have a fair idea of how far you're going or how much you're willing to pay, this is probably a good idea. If the driver refuses, turning around and walking away will almost certainly change the driver's mind. Don't sweat it, it's all part of the expected negotiation protocol. 
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It has become common for drivers of some of the less reputable taxi companies to rig their meters to run faster hence running up a higher fare than usual! Meters have been known to operate "normally" initially, but after you've let your guard down, it jumps to astronomical amounts just before the destination. Do keep an eye an be diligent on the meter during the journey. The recommendation is to only use the reputable and reliable taxi companies such as Hanoi Taxi and Mai Linh Taxi to avoid scams.

Hanoi's Old Quarter by Nick Taylor

Another common scam by taxis in Hanoi is the driver taking you on a long detour to make more money. This is very hard to discover unless you know the city's roads very well. Also be vigilant when taking a taxi - drivers may jumps out at your destination and dumps most of your bags out of the trunk. While you're busy putting on your rucksack, the driver may have taken off with your other bags still left in the taxi.

Most taxi drivers in Hanoi speak no or limited English. Therefore, it is a good practice to get your hotel to write the name and address of you destination in Vietnamese to show the taxi driver. Better still, get your hotel's business card or brochure (great if there is a map of the hotel's location on the brochure) in case you get lost and show it to the driver.

Taxis in Hanoi by Franzfoto

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