Hanoi, Vietnam

Getting Around

Taxis are the best way to travel long distances in Hanoi but cyclos (pedicabs) are a cheap way to make shorter trips. Taxi fares are not always consistent and rates may vary with different taxi companies. For lone travellers, rides on the back of motorbikes (actually low-powered scooters) are popular and also known as "xe om", literally meaning motorbike-hug. Construction of a metro system in Hanoi began in 2010 and expected to be in service sometime around 2015.
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By Bus
Scam free and cheap but a bit difficult to comprehend at first - public buses in Hanoi are relatively fast and surprisingly comfortable. Pick up a map with printed bus lines at Trang Tien Street (the book street by the opera house) and spend a few minutes to identify the more than 60 bus lines. Find your bus stop, wait for the bus, pay 5,000 dong and off you go. If you are unfamiliar with the city, make sure to inform the mostly helpful conductor where you want to get off.

Public bus in Hanoi by Michelles

By Cyclo
Negotiate first or avoid using the cyclos services, they can demand a ridiculous fare of 200,000 dong (USD10) for a short ride of less than 100 metres! At the end of the journey, a few men will come over to translate, and they will pretend to help and later insist that you pay the demanded amount.

By Car
Hanoi's traffic is chaotic, with seemingly perpetual traffic jams and a large number of almost suicidal motorcyclists and pedestrians. As such, driving yourself around in Hanoi is not recommended, and you should leave your transportation needs to the hands of professionals.

Traffic in Hanoi by Franzfoto

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