Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


There are plenty of nice and reasonably priced local hotels available for tourists as well as the relatively expensive international chains like Sheraton and Hyatt. Do take note (especially lonely male travelers) that most hotels in Ho Chi Minh City do not allow their hotel guests to bring back a local female companion to stay overnight. Prices of hotels here, including the upscale international chains, are much cheaper compared to similar hotels in Western Europe, North America, Japan or even Singapore.
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Continental Hotel by Ngo Trung

Budget Stays
The main backpacker hangout in Ho Chi Minh City is in Pham Ngu Lao in District 1 - a short 10-15 minutes walk from the Ben Thanh Market. The lanes and alleys in the area (between Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien) are jammed with 5-10 room mini-hotels offering stays for around USD15 per night (air-conditioning with hot shower and cable TV). They probably offer the quietest places to stay in the city. There is no difference in price between a single or double occupancy room. So if you are travelling alone you might want to find a hostel offering a dorm (shared) room for around USD6 per bed, but there are not many of them around.

Keep heading southwest away from the backpacker hustle and closer to Ng Thai Hoc. Here you'll likely find that as the alleys get smaller the rooms get quieter and owners more friendly. However, the area is swarmed with touts and other nuisances. Be warned that the area is also not the safest place to stay or be in Ho Chi Minh City and wise not to walk around carrying something expensive like a DSLR camera, which would make your a potential target for thieves.

Mid-Priced Hotels
The area around Ben Thanh market along Le Thanh Ton and Ly Tu Trong has many reasonably priced hotels 
in the USD25-35 bracket. The rooms are clean and some provide free WiFi. Many of the city's historical hotels are in the hands of Saigontourist, a state-owned company. These hotels offer a taste of colonial atmosphere and thanks to competition, their services and facilities have improved, though not quite up to modern standards. Though there are a few in the city, the best of these colonial-style hotels are far away from here.

Upscale Hotels
There are no shortage of luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Listed prices are closer to USD150-200 per night but discounted prices are available for as low as USD80 if you search through the various online hotel booking sites. The upscale 
Caravelle, Sheraton and Hyatt are within site of each other near the Opera House, in the heart of the tourist district. There are also the high quality boutique hotels including Villa Thao Dien, located in the city's most prestigious neighborhood in Thao Dien Ward, District 2.

Rex Hotel by Smuconlaw

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Ho Chi Minh City
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