Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Getting Around


By Bus

Bright green public transport buses serve 150 routes across Ho Chi Minh City. You can find maps of the bus routes at the large Ben Thanh bus station (across the street from Ben Thanh Market in District 1) - just go into the waiting room to the desk. The buses are cheap, safe and not too crowded. Many are modern and comfortable, with such amenities as air conditioning, music and even television. 
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Public bus in Ho Chi Minh City by Brian Dell

The buses are efficient and fast. Most are staffed by two employees i.e. the driver and the fare collector. The driver keeps the bus moving while the fare collector interacts with the passengers. Finding the right bus line to get to your destination can be a challenge if you don't speak or read Vietnamese. If you cannot find your way, ask the locals nicely, they will try their best to help. A piece of paper and marker pen may help to ease the conversation. 

Inside a bus by Askan

Locals claim, plausibly, that buses are even faster than taxis. The reason is that buses have an informal right of way on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City - when another vehicle sees a bus coming, that vehicle gets out of the way. Taxis know that they are supposed to back down from confrontations with the buses. Buses are also cheaper (4,000-8,000 dong per ride, which is considerably less that USD1) and safer than many of the alternatives.

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