Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Stay Safe

Hotel scams are very common, even among mid-price hotels. A hotel staff may remind you that you should place your valuables in the room or hotel safe. Be careful that the hotel staff cleaning may steal your belongings if given the chance. Lock up everything that is more or less valuable. Some robberies have been known to happen in the middle of the night, while guests are sleeping. However, these cases are rare and most visitors have a crime-free stay in Ho Chi Minh City, but simple precautions should always prevail.
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Be aware there are scam artists operating on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. A person will strike up a friendly conversation with you claiming they've either seen you at the airport or some other tourist place where they work. Usually they'll be with other "family members" who will join the conversation very naturally and once they find out where you're from they'll mention that another family member is moving to a city in your country. You are then invited to their house and once you arrive, you are asked for "financial support" or pestered to invest in a "business opportunity".

Police in Ho Chi Minh City by Panzerschreck 2

If you need to fill a complaint (such as theft), you can go to the police station. For theft, you need to report to the station corresponding at the place where the crime was supposed to have happened. It can be tricky as small stations will probably not have a police officer with a good command of English. If possible, go with someone that speaks Vietnamese. For foreign tourists in Ho Chi Minh City, the main police stations are as follow:

  • The police station in District 1 is located at 24-26 Duong Pasteur about (10 minutes walk from the Ben Thanh bus station. 
  • The police station in Phu Nhuan District is located at 181 Hoang Van Thu.

Motorcycle police by Roderick Divilbiss

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